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Summer Glory Blend of Lettuce Seeds

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Summer Glory Blend of Lettuce Seeds

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Great Choice for Living Walls & Apartment Gardeners!

Contains butterhead, crisphead, loose-leaf, and Romaine for a GREAT VALUE!

A custom blend of 7 exceptionally heat-tolerant, slow-bolting varieties you will love!

45 days (on average) to maturity.

Even if your summer weather sometimes begins in March, you can enjoy a long, delicious season of fresh lettuce with our custom-blended mixture of 7 heat-tolerant varieties. Specially selected to resist bolting and keep their flavorful crunch right into summer, the outstanding lettuces in this mixture will keep you in fresh leaves three seasons out of the year!

We have chosen 7 varieties for this blend, including butterheads (Boston lettuce), crispheads (iceberg), Romaine, and loose-leaves. Several have stunning red highlights on their foliage; all are guaranteed tasty and crisp even into the dog days of summer! These are all premium named varieties, available as a mixture only here at Park Seed, where we know about long, hot summers!

The average days to maturity is 45, with most varieties harvesting at about the same time -- a delicious mix of flavors and textures that looks as good as it tastes in the garden or salad bowl! Sow successively 2 or 3 weeks apart for an entire season of "late" lettuce!

Lettuce thrives in cold weather and can be sown directly into the garden, starting in early spring. For an even earlier harvest, sow indoors; the seedlings don't mind transplanting. If a fall crop is desired, begin in late summer. Grow in single rows, plants spaced 18 inches apart, or in containers. 

Pkt is 150 seeds.

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Genus    Lactuca
Species    sativa
Variety    Summer Glory Blend
Habit    Compact
Seeds Per Pack    150
Plant Height    12 in
Plant Width    16 in

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