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Redskin Bell Pepper Seeds

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Redskin Bell Pepper Seeds

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Great Choice For Living Walls & Apartment Gardening

Harvest them green or let them ripen to a vitamin-packed brilliant red!

Compact enough for containers, but with giant 4- to 5-inch fruit!

80 days. These giant bells look even larger than ever on plants so compact they grow comfortably in flowerpots and windowboxes! Redskin and its orange cousin Mohawk are the best bells for container growth, with large healthy fruit all over well-branched, super-petite plants!

Expect these bells to reach 4 to 5 inches long, crowding one another on plants just 8 to 10 inches high. Pick them green or let them mature to rich red, when their vitamin content (and eye-popping good looks!) is at its peak. They are symmetrical, with three to four lobes and excellent color.

Pkt is 15 seeds.

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Genus    Capsicum
Species    annuum
Variety    Redskin
Days To Maturity    80
Fruit Color    Red
Plant Height    8 in - 10 in
Fruit Length    4 in - 5 in
Light Requirements    Full Sun

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