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Complete Automatic Irrigation Kits

These Automatic Irrigation Systems make watering and fertilizing your vertical garden a breeze. You set the recommeneded watering schedule for your plants and it will take the job over for you!


Hose Kits for Automatic Irrigation Systems

Are you a DIYer with good intentions but a busy schedule? These Hose Kits make building your own Automatic Irrigation System quick and easy. Visit the How-To pages for your FloraFelt, Woolly Pocket, or GroVert planter for complete instructions for your DIY Irrigation project.


Indoor and Outdoor Timers for Automatic Irrigation Systems

You will not find a better and more versatile Electrical Timer/Surge Protector than this one from APC, offering 5 outlets on 5 different, independently programmable schedules. Outdoor gardeners fret not, we have you covered as well!

Automatic 6-Cycle Digital Hose Timer
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Gilmour Single Outlet Mechanic Hose Timer
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Wall Mounted Water Reservoir

Designed to mount directly under your vertical garden, these Reservoir will both hold the water that will be delivered automatically to your plants using the Pumps shown below AND catch any excess water from the bottom of your planter. Your plants stay hydrated and your walls stay dry!


Pumps for Indoor Irrigation Systems

Place these in your Wall Mounted Reservoir, connect it to your Electronic Timer and to your Vertical Garden and it will deliver fertilized water to your plants automatically on the schedule set specifically for your plant's needs.


CordCamo - Hide Those Cords!

Camouflauge for your cords. CordCamo is perfect for concealing electrical cords for your pumps and grow lights or irrigation line for your irrigation systems, giving you a clean, sophisticated look.


Hose Fittings

Outdoor Irrigation System require hose bib access. These hose fittings get the job done.