FAQ's about Vertical Gardening

Q: What is a vertical garden?
A: A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. Found in nature and ancient civilizations, vertical gardens have been thriving for centuries on walls all over the world.  The technology has improved drastically since then, however, affording you the possibility to have your vegetable garden on your kitchen wall!

Q: What type of vertical garden should I buy?
A: That depends on how big you want your garden to be and what you want to grow.  Here are some questions for you that will help you decide. The following questions can give you some guidance AND you can click here to take our Vertical Gardening Decision Making Quiz to help you chose the best vertical garden for you.

Do you want something small? The GroVert Trays or the Wally One Pockets are for you. Want the plants to come with it? Click Garden In a Box and  select Planted GroVert 10-Cell Tray or Planted Wally One. Want to do the planting yourself? Click on Do-It-Yourself and select DIY GroVert or DIY Wally One

Medium size more your taste? The FloraFelt 4-Pocket Vertical Garden or the Wally Three is what you need. Want the plants too? Click Garden In A Box and select Planted FloraFelt 4-Pocket Vertical or Planted Wally Three. Want to try the planting yourself? Click Do-It-Yourself and select DIY FloraFelt 4-Pocket Vertical Garden or DIY Wally Three.

Going Big? The FloraFelt 12-Pocket Vertical Garden or the Wally Five is what you are looking for. To have your choice of plants shipped with the system, click Garden In A Box and select Planted FloraFelt 12-Pocket Vertical Garden or Planted Wally Five. Click Do-It-Yourself and select DIY FloraFelt 12-Pocket Vertical Garden or DIY Wally Five to supply the plants yourself.

Want to grow edibles or other plants larger than 12" tall? The Woolly Pockets are a great option for plants that need more "rooting room". The FloraFelt Systems can accomodate dwarf varities of some edibles. Check the Wall Designs page for specific information about the recommended plant varieties.

Succulents more your style? The GroVert trays are a great choice. Click Garden In a Box, select Planted GroVert 10-Cell Tray, then scroll down to make your plant selection and choose the India Inspiration plant theme - it is a wall of succulents! Rather plant yourself? Click Do-It-Yourself then select DIY GroVert 10-Cell Tray.

Q: How does a vertical garden work?
A: The structures you will find on this site borrow principles from hydroponic growing in that the plants actually grow in very little soil.  They get their nutrients from the fertilized water that flows into each plant "cell" or "pocket". In the case of the Plants On Walls Felt Pocket systems, the roots actually start growing into the felt.  It is this technique that allows you to have plants that would otherwise need gallons of soil to grow in less than a cup of soil on your wall!

Q: How do you water a vertical garden?
A: This answer depends on the type of wall you have and where you want to put it. Small systems, like the GroVert 10 cell tray, can be watered without an irrigation system. They come with an Irrigation Tray that sits on the top and slowly releases the water over about a week. The excess water is collected in the chamber on the bottom of the tray.

Larger systems, like a series of GroVert trays or a Florafelt 8 pocket system, require an automatic drip hose system. It sounds complicated but it is actually very easy. Thorough instructions are listed on the Education, Installation page and included with your purchase; however, a brief explanation is that these systems will come to you already outfitted with the drip hoses. If you are keeping your system inside, you will also receive a water pump, a reservoir, and a timer. You fill the reservoir with water and add a water soluble fertilizer (see products pages); connect the drip hose attached to the system to the pump (super easy, it just snaps together); place the pump in the reservoir; plug the pump into the timer; adjust the timer according to when you want it to water your system; then plug the timer into an electrical outlet. Voila!

Q: What kind of plants can be grown in a vertical garden?
A: A lot more than you would think! The plants that cannot be grown in these systems are fairly obvious, like trees or large shrubs. Other such plants include root vegetables, like carrots and potatoes, because those plants need the soil depth. The "Can" list is much longer than the "Can't" list. Check out the "What to Grow" page under the Education tab.  You will want to pay careful attention to the requirements of your specific plants.  See the "Indoor Growing" page under the Education tab for much more information.

Q: What is your Return Policy?
A: Returns are accepted for exchange or refund 7 calendar days after delivery of the product. Original sales receipt must accompany all returns. At our sole discretion after 7 calendar days, we will offer an exchange or store credit only. Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:

  • without showing signs of wear or damage in any way

  • within 7 calendar days of the delivery date (after 7 days no returns are allowed)

  • must not be a special order or a custom order

  • unless noted that it cannot be returned or has a different return policy time period other than the days noted in that item's particular item description.

If an item is received damaged or is incorrectly shipped by us please contact Customer Support immediately. Items that are defective and shipped from us or items that you did not order but received from us will qualify for store credit or a cash refund.

Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it. There is a 15% restocking fee for returned items that are not being exchanged. Again you MUST contact us within 7 days if you intend to return ANY item back to our store. Items returned to us AFTER 7 days and WITHOUT contacting us will NOT be refunded.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Returns and refunds are not offered for custom and pre-planted orders. 

Returns, refunds and exchanges are not offered for international orders.

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