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Chive Seeds


Use leaves and flowers in cooking!

Beyond cooking with chives, the plants are great garden companion plants to repel insect pests.
The one must-have kitchen herb, chives are perfect for almost any savory dish. Snip the leaves in bunches at the base of the plant, then chop and use fresh or freeze for year-round use. The flowers can also be used for an even milder onion flavor - they look gorgeous in salads, and have that irresistible peppery onion aroma!

Chives are pretty enough to be used ornamentally as well as in cuisine. They make fine companions to roses, keeping away many destructive pests with their strong scent while beautifying the garden with their large ball of lavender-pink blooms. They are a good "guard" for any plant that needs a little muscle to keep out nibbling visitors!

And chives are perennial from one end of the country to the other. Direct-sow the seeds anytime from spring through summer, placing several seeds together in the planting hole. The slender green shoots will appear within a few weeks, and be ready for harvest in about 3 months.

Chives rewards you with long-lived plants that set lovely blooms, offer good garden protection, and can be snipped as needed for cuisine. We are confident that it will become one of your favorites for herb, vegetable, and flower garden! Zones 3-9. Pkt is 100 seeds.

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Genus - Allium
Species - schoenoprasum
Zone - 3 - 9
Bloom Start To End - Late Spring
Habit - Upright
Seeds Per Pack - 100
Plant Height - 12 in
Plant Width - 8 in - 12 in
Additional Characteristics - Direct Sow, Edible, Flower, Fragrance, Herbs, Indoor Growing
Bloom Color - Light Lavender, Light Pink
Foliage Color - Medium Green
Light Requirements - Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture Requirements - Moist,  well-drained
Soil Tolerance - Normal,  loamy
Uses - Cuisine, Ornamental, Outdoor

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