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GroVert Living Wall

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GroVert Living Wall

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GroVert Living Wall Planters make vertical gardening easy and affordable. They are simple to plant and simple to hang.

Each planter is 8.5" wide x 18" tall and has 10 "cells" or spaces for ten 4" plants. You can be easily put two or more planters together to create a larger vertical garden.

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Have your planter planted for you! Let us do the hard work for you. Just choose "Tropical", "Herbs", or "Succulents" under the "Include Plants?" drop down menu. You can specify which plants you want later in the checkout process.


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The 10 "cells" in this planter are set at a 45 degree angle, allowing the plants to grow up and out. As the plants grow they hide the planter so all that is visible is the beautiful living art of the plants.

Each "cell" has a depth of 4 inches from the front of the panel to the back. Plants from 4" containers are the perfect size. Slow growing plants are the best choice for these planters in order to avoid needing to re-pot your plants after they have outgrown the cells. Ferns, small tropical plants, jades and other succulents are great choices. The Plants page has a variety of different plant combinations that will work for these planters. You can also consider the Optional Services described above to make this step even easier.

The design of the planter allows for drainage and aeration in the bottom surface of each cell, ensuring your plants have the proper moisture/air circulation combination. Each cell is equipped with a moisture mat that allows the panel to wick water to all sections of individual cells and reduces the irrigation requirements.

The easiest way to provide water for this planter is by using an Irrigation Tray (available above). It is a container that slips on the top of the planter, with four tiny holes in the bottom designed to slowly irrigate each cell, ensuring that all the plants absorb the water appropriately. Automatic Irrigation Systems are a great option for the busy gardener or for anyone who is using multiple GroVert trays. These systems can be indoors or out and are run by either battery or electrically powered timers.

If you would like to keep this planter indoors, a Collection Tray (available above) is also strongly advised because it will catch any water that drains from the bottom of the planter, keeping your walls and floors dry. 

For Planting and Installation Instructions, visit the GroVert How-To page. 

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