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New Plant Guide for Outdoor Vertical Gardens in Central Texas

Edible Walls just created a free E-book titled, "Edible Walls' Guide to Outdoor Vertical Gardens in Central Texas". Click here for full access. To view the book as a 'Full Screen', click the left most button on the bottom row.

It contains over 50 different types of Native & Adapted Plants, Herbs, and Succulents which are ideal for vertical gardens due to their growing habits, size, requirements (such as water, light, and nutrients), and because they are adapted to the conditions in Central Texas. Anyone living in Texas knows all too well what this means...drought and scorching heat! 

You will also find details about each plant and helpful tips for finding the best planter for your vertical garden. 

Edible Walls offers many services to make vertical gardening easy and fun, including a Research & Design Service (we create a beautiful design for your garden using our knowledge and experience pairing plants suited for different environments), a Plant Locator Service  (an optional addition to the above service which will find a nursery in your area which carries the plants in the garden we've designed for you), a Plant & Ship Service  (your garden is designed and pre-planted for you, then shipped directly to your door), and finally the Installation Service to customers in the Central Texas area who would like to have their garden installed for them. For more information, please visit our Services We Offer page.