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Figuring out how to get started with a Living Wall can be difficult

Edible Walls just made it much easier!

Our new Planters You Can Plant Yourself page allows you to find the perfect Living Wall Planter that you will need to get on your way to the beautiful, healthy vertical garden you've always wanted. 

You won't find any Industry "mumbo jumbo"  on this page. Instead, you can search for what you need by the terms that make sense to you.

  • Search by Size, to find that garden that will fit in your space.
  • Search by Cost because no one is made of money!
  • Search by the Plants best suited for the planters, because no one has hours to spend online trying to figure out which plants you can grow in which planter.
  • Search by Intent. Some of you want to add beautiful pieces of art to your homes, and some of you want to grow your own groceries. We make it easy to see what will accomplish what you want!

As always, you can find the perfect plants for every one of these planters on our Plants page. But if you would rather rely on the expertise of a Vertical Garden Engineer, we offer every kind of service you would need to make each step as easy as possible. We can even ship a completely planted Living Wall straight to your door!