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Wally Five DIY Drip Kit

Wally Five Drip Kit.JPG
Wally Five Drip Kit.JPG

Wally Five DIY Drip Kit


This Kit will supply you with the hosing, connectors, and couplers you need to create an Automatic Irrigation System for your Wally Five Pocket.

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This Kit includes: 120" of Emitter Line, 1/4" Hose, 1/4" Plug, 1 Barbed Connector, 1 T-Connector, 1 Barbed Elbow

Other necessary, sold separately, parts include the following:

For Indoor Irrigation Systems:
Indoor DIY Irrigation Hose Kit
Water Reservoir

For Outdoor Irrigation Systems:
Hose Bib Splitter
Hose Timer
Outdoor DIY Automatic Irrigation Hose Kit.