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Three Best Vegetables for Living Walls - Cold Season

There are many factors you might consider when choosing what vegetables to grow in your garden. When choosing what vegetables to grow in your vertical garden, some of those factors are more important than others. Read more to learn the three most important factors that we considered when selecting the best cold season vegetables for living walls.


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Ten Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors No Matter How Little Space You Have

Growing your own microgreens is a very fun and rewarding experience. You can grow them indoors or out and you only need two square feet of space. And whether they are peas, mustard greens, broccoli, or kale, microgreens have up to six times more nutrients than their mature versions! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about how to grow your very own super nutritious micro miracles.

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Fool-Proof Formula for Home-Grown Strawberries Spring through Summer

If you have never tasted a just picked strawberry from your own garden you are in for a real treat. Growing strawberries vertically, on a living wall or garden wall, allows anyone to grow these delicious berries year-round with less than 2 sq feet of floor space! Learn how by reading this post.

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