Silver Mist Garden

The Silver Mist Garden is a collection of tropical plants including Rosemary, Pilea, Button Fern, Creeping Fig, Heuchera. You can have these plants shipped to your door in the vertical garden structure of your choice.

Silver Mist Garden

This garden is all about harmony. The soothing colors of the bright green Dolce Key Lime and Creeping Fig and the calming grey of Dolce Mocha Mint are combined with the metallic texture of the Pilea Aluminum Plant and the pillowy effect of the Button Fern. These plants are easy to grow but they do need humidity, moist soil, and bright but never direct sunlight.  



   1.   Choose the type and size of the planter your want for your          pre-planted garden
   2.  Click on the image of the planter
   3.  Click Add To Cart and a window will pop up allowing you            to select your additional plants


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