Garden In a Box Order Form #2

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...for your interest in our Gardens In A Box!


Before we can send you the perfectly planted vertical garden of your dreams we need to ask you a few short questions.

Your answers will ensure that you receive a garden perfectly suited to your needs.

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Please provide the best DAYTIME phone number.
STEP 1: LIGHTING It is important to get an accurate estimation of the amount of natural light that will be provided in the area you are planning to locate your new vertical garden. Please choose from the following categories. Go to to see a description of the categories.
After finding your light category in the previous question, please describe your plant preferences from within that category. If you would like recommendations based on your light category, please specify below.
What room are your planning to install your new living wall? For example: kitchen, dining room, entry way, bathroom, bedroom, etc.
On what type of vertical surface will you be mounting your living wall?
What material is the flooring which will be directly under your living wall?
Automatic Watering for Your Living Wall: PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW
Most living walls need to be watered once or twice a day. Some also require fertilizer to be included in their daily waterings. Please indicate if you are interested in receiving more information, including pricing, about the automatic watering systems which can take this task off your daily to-do list.
Please include dimensions for the length and height that you would like your garden to be:
Is there a date by which you would like to have your garden?