About Us

Edible Wall's Mission Statement:

Edible Walls' mission is to allow everyone to indulge their inner gardener, no yard, experience, or horticulture degree required.

Edible Walls is the first nursery and garden business to ship vertical gardens, complete with the customer's choice from a wide variety of edible and ornamental plants, to their doorstep.  We offer simple, customized solutions for vertical gardening in homes, apartments, condominiums and businesses, with no yard required.

Edible Walls provides the latest information on vertical gardening solutions and invaluable education that will teach you how to buy, build, grow, and keep your living wall happy. Making living walls possible for everyone is a strong motivation behind the products and service we offer. You will find many solutions and products catered for the beginner as well as detailed directions and how-to pages to get you started on the right foot. For customers who would like to do it themselves, they will find step-by-step instructions for choosing the right plants, building an automatic irrigation system, meeting the light requirements for their plants, and much more. For those that do not, they can have a completely customized and planted vertical garden shipped to their door with automatic irrigation and lighting included.

There are over 100 products, accessories and seeds available for purchase on the website with competitive pricing, so customers can make GrowEdibleWalls.com their one-stop Living Wall shop.


About the Owner:

Owner - Megan Webb

Owner - Megan Webb

“People who live in apartments and condos finally have the option for growing fresh, organic, edible and non-edible plants indoors, that are aesthetically pleasing,” said Founder Megan Webb. “Most people do not have the time to go to the nursery and buy the plants, much less research what kind of plants to grow vertically, indoors and learn how to keep them alive. I wanted to do the hard work for them, so they can just enjoy the benefits.”

Plants, with their wild beauty and variability, have long been a source of inspiration and peace to Megan. She founded Edible Walls with the hope of sharing that admiration with others. "In our lives today it is easy to overlook how important the natural world is to us. Some people never even see the plants that bring us the food we buy in our grocery stores. But even with all our advancements and technology, where would we be without these amazing things we call plants? Many of my ideas for Edible Walls came from the desire to connect people living hectic lives in busy cities, some without the space for traditional gardens, with a way for them to experience the many benefits of gardening." So with that, Edible Walls wishes you all happy gardening.