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Creating florals that convey each bride’s one of a kind style is our guiding philosophy.

Whether your taste is traditional or alternative our arrangements will be meaningful expressions of your personality. 


We understand that planning a wedding can be a lot of work, so we aim to make this one aspect as easy and fun for you as possible. To save you time and effort, we work with your other vendors to ensure your event is everything you want it to be; all while keeping your budget in mind.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation or for any questions you cannot find the answers to on this page. 1-512-900-3089.

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Creative and Unique Bouquets

Featuring Succulents and Bromeliads


Our Plant Cylinders Make Excellent Centerpieces

Custom Colors are available for large orders to match your event's palette. 


Our Moss Planters can set the tone of your event. 

The options for plant arrangements are limited only to your imagination. 


Plant Chandeliers

Breathtaking additions to your event decor. These are easily customized and are sure to grab attention.


1. How much will your services cost?

Our products and services are customized for each different event and prices depend on the specifics of the order. However, we have created a general pricing list to give you enough information to make this important decision. These prices are subject to change without prior notice. Final charges are dependent upon availability of the requested products and/or rendered services and will be finalized at the time of a fully executed contract.

Click here to view the Price Estimates for Wedding Floral Arrangements 


2. How do I pay for products and services?

Our payment process is divided into three stages. To hold the date for your wedding an initial deposit of $200 is required on the day you make your reservation. This $200 deposit is entirely refundable in the event that you need to cancel or change your reservation. If the date is not changed or cancelled, the $200 will be applied to your total balance. Three months before the date of your wedding, your contract must be submitted along with your contract deposit equaling one third of the full balance. If the date is not changed or cancelled, this contract deposit is applied to your total balance. The final payment is for the full balance and it is due three weeks before the date of your wedding. Any other last minute items are paid for at the time of purchase. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. Please note that returned checks will be assessed a fee.

3. Do you charge consultation fees?

No we don't. Except as stated below. Your first consultation, a follow-up visit and as necessary a visit to your wedding or reception sites are without charge. A proposal with the estimated cost of your wedding flowers is also free of charge.

There is a charge for additional visits, if you are not yet a confirmed client, if you require more consultation time and/or involves extended travel. If this is the case, there is a basic charge of $35 per visit or hour of travel time. However, in most instances, your consultation fees are then credited to your account once you become a client.

4. Is an appointment required?

Yes, an appointment is required for a consultation. Because of the level of service we provide, walk-in customers are not accepted. Weekend appointments are not often available because this is when the majority of our weddings occur.

To arrange an appointment is quite simple. You may click on the link below, or feel free to call the office at (512) 900-3089 anytime. We have 24 hour voicemail available for your convenience.

5. How many weddings do you accept?

We can accept a limited number of weddings depending on set-up and design time called for to execute them. For example, a smaller, simpler wedding, will expend far less time than one that involves elaborate design work and/or set-up requirements. Therefore, the number of weddings accepted on a given day varies. You can feel confident that your wedding will be completed according to your specifications and in a timely manner.

6. What happens if my wedding is cancelled?

In the event something unfortunate happens and your wedding is delayed or called off, all cancellations and changes are governed by a client/vendor contract. You will receive a copy of the contract with your wedding proposal. We encourage your to always be certain what your plans are before you enter into a binding contract with any wedding vendor.

7. Why is a contract necessary?

Having everything in writing is highly recommend; you should only accept wedding vendors who have clearly stated terms. A signed and dated contract protects both parties and saves "wedding day" headaches when everything is clearly understood. This is another indication of the professionalism of the wedding vendor. Always notify your wedding vendors as soon as possible when changes occur so you will not incur additional unexpected expenses. Last minute changes or cancellations can be costly.

8. Will you work with my other vendors?

Yes, its a pleasure to work with other professional wedding vendors to help make your wedding a dream come true.

9. How do you handle substitutions?

Unfortunately, once in a while a substitution becomes necessary due to circumstances that are unavoidable. Perhaps an item you requested is not available because of the season, because of poor quality, the color doesn't match properly, shipping problems or for any number of other unusual reasons that are completely out of our control. Whenever possible this change will be discussed with you or your wedding planner and you will be given the available options at that time. Although they rarely occur we still make every effort to avoid these kinds of situations. Every attempt will be made to find a suitable exchange to carry out the look and feel of your wedding when the exact flowers are not available. With a little flexibility, your wedding flowers can be as lovely as you envisioned them to be. Our goal is to make your day as worry free as possible.

If you have any other questions or concerns that need further attention please take a moment to contact us. 


Delivery & Set-Up Services

To find out if you are in a region where Delivery and Set-Up services are available, please visit the Services We Offer page to view the map detailing our service regions and rates. 

Plant & Ship Services are available to anyone and may be most helpful for those outside the service regions. This service includes the Research & Design of your Event Decor products, the planting of your products, and the shipping of your planted products to you or your Event Planner. 

We are always happy to work with other Event Planners or Florists to our products meet your expectations and are implemented smoothly.

For more information about any of the products or services you have seen on this page, please complete the form below.