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MiracleLED Red & Blue Spectrum Grow Light Bulb

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MiracleLED Red & Blue Spectrum Grow Light Bulb

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5 Watt LED RED & BLUE Grow Light Bulb with Standard Socket - Supplies RED & BLUE spectrum lights for vegetative (rooting, leafing & stemming) as well as blooming (flowering and fruiting) stages.

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MiracleLED®  ULTRA RED & BLUE GROW LITE bulb supplies Red and Blue spectrum light ideal for the vegetative and blooming stages of development.

The technology used to create the new LED grow lights on the market today have provided the breakthrough that indoor gardeners have been dreaming of for a long time. With the new lights, like this Miracle LED Ultra Grow Lite, gardeners can provide indoor plants with the amount of targeted grow lighting that would previously have taken hundreds of dollars in alternative lighting equipment, while using exponentially less electricity and omitting the issue of heat that was emitted by other lights.

These bulbs have an expected life of 30,000+ hours; 20 times LONGER than incandescent grow lights and at least 10 times longer than CFL bulbs (and without the mercury).

• Over $46 annual savings on continuous use replacing 50W
• Spectrum spot light enhances bud and flowering
• Great for seed start up and kitchen herb gardens
• Lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
• Costs 3 to 6 cents per 1000 hours of illumination
• Produces virtually NO HEAT - NO DAMAGE TO PLANTS
• Uses standard E26 and E27 Medium - 120 VAC
• Not manufactured with hazardous materials - ECO Friendly
• 30,000+ estimated life hours
• Durable - doesn't break as easily
• One year warranty