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Dr. Earth Organic Fungicide - Hose End Sprayer

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Dr. Earth Organic Fungicide - Hose End Sprayer


Dr. Earth 3 Controls is an organic botanical, broad-spectrum fungicide. Active intredients are derived from essential oils which control fungus by inhibiting cellular respiration.

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Pest and Disease control is tricky business. Visit the Garden Pests & Diseases page for detailed information on gardening organically. It is better for you, the plants, and the environment as a whole.

The inert ingredient in this spray, Potassium bicarbonate, controls fungal diseases by collapsing fungus's cell wall, shrinking the cells and destroying the fungus. The combination of this and other ingredients makes this a very effective fungicide.

-Post and pre-harvest control as well as ornamentals and turf.

-Use at 7-14 day intervals.

-Ready to Spray, 32oz, hose end

-Works Outdoors, in Greenhouses or on Lawns

-People and Pet safe.