Shipping Policies

Shipping Practices and Policies

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Product Availability

All effort is made to procure the customer’s choice of plant. However, availability may vary according to season and destination. Payment information is collected at the time the order is placed online, however, no orders or charges are final until your order has been reviewed to check availability.  If the chosen plants are unavailable at the time, the customer will be given the choice to have the product shipped when the plants become available, to change the order to include plants that are available at that time, or to cancel the order for a full refund.

The shipping methods and rate are based on the type of product. To ensure fresh delivery, all products containing live plants are shipped either 2-Day or Overnight. Express shipping charges are subject to change, are per delivery address, and are in addition to standard shipping and handling charges. Products that do not contain live plants are eligible for standard shipping rates. Mixed orders (orders containing both planted and not planted products) will split into multiple orders to ensure the customer receives the best shipping rate possible per product. Some products are eligible for free shipping.      

NOTE: We have attempted to accurately estimate shipping charges for all products. However, due to the variable nature of our products (i.e., live plants which can differ in weight based on their size at the time the order is placed), we occasionally need to adjust the shipping charges after the order has been placed. If the shipping rate must be adjusted, the customer will be given the choice to change the order or to cancel the order for a full refund. The customer will also be given the choice to have Edible Walls attempt to locate a reputable nursery in your area and in some cases, arrange to have them deliver your plants. This method may reduce the cost of shipping from Edible Walls', however, it cannot be quaranteed to reduce the total cost because the purchase price and delivery charges vary based on the particular nursery located in your area. After your order is received, a Vertical Garden Engineer will contact you to discuss these options. To speak with a Vertical Garden Engineer immediately, please call 1-888-652-0080 or click here to send an email through the contact form.

Edible Walls ships live plants in a well-designed corrugated shipping box that ensures the plants will arrive in quality condition. The plant foliage is both protected and afforded air circulation by the shipping carton. The soil is secured in the pockets of the planter, so you do not need to worry about soil spilling out into the shipping box. 

Plants shipped from Edible Walls are guaranteed to arrive in a living condition. If your plants are not in a living condition upon immediate arrival, please submit a claim within 24 hours of receipt. Tracking information, including the time of shipment and receipt can be found using the tracking number which will be provided to you at the time your order is shipped. Claims must be made via email or via written mail postmarked no later than the day after receiving the plants. 24 hours after the plants are received all sales are considered final.

Contingencies: Edible Walls reserves the right to prorate or cancel any order because of frost, fire, freeze, drought, disease, casualty, or other circumstances beyond our control.

Limitation of Liability: Edible Walls’ maximum liability, whether contractual, negligence or otherwise, is limited in amount to the amount paid to Edible Walls for the purchase of the plants only under all circumstances and regardless of nature, cause or extent of the loss.

Taxes: Customers who have nursery stock shipped to the State of Texas must pay 8.25% sales tax. All other customers are responsible for any taxes arising from the purchase, use or resale of products, such as sales tax or any other local tax.

Returns: Our nursery stock cannot be returned without the express written permission of Edible Walls. Plants cannot be returned after they have been accepted for 24 hours and/or improperly stored, planted, processed, or otherwise treated in anyway.