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Top Hat Blueberry 3.5" Pot

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Top Hat BlueBerry Plant.jpg
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Top Hat Blueberry 3.5" Pot


Dwarf Blueberry Plant - Perfect for Living Wall & Container Gardening

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Zones: 3-8

Chill Hours: 1000+

Harvest: Mid season.

Bush Habit: Globe shaped bush reaching 1'-2' tall with orange and yellow foliage in fall.

Fruit: Small, wild flavored berries.

Facts of note: V. corymbosum x V. angustifolium. Top Hat is a perfect name for this dwarf cultivar as it grows 1' – 2' high and wide. Top Hat is the result of crossing a short stature Highbush with a compact, small Lowbush Blueberry. Plentiful white blooms in spring give way to attractive light blueberries that are pea sized and larger. Top Hat is perfect for defined border plantings or growing in patio containers. It also makes an excellent candidate for a bonsai project. Comes in a 3.5" pot.

Delicious, exceptionally nutritious, high in bioflavanoids. Gardeners in warmer climates can enjoy growing blueberries by choosing one of the Southern Highbush varieties. These require fewer chill hours than the Northern Highbush which require over 1000 hours. Consider climate suitability, ripening season and fruit size when selecting varieties and include at least two different varieties for cross–pollination and fruiting (any two varieties will do, regardless of ripening time). Grow in acidic, well–drained soil. Cottonseed meal is an excellent fertilizer for blueberries along with good quality compost and peat moss. 

These blueberries are 2 year plants.



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