Supplemental Lighting

Supplementing natural light allows you to grow plants with high light requirements in places with lower light levels. Grow lights provide plants with the type of light they need to grow through all stages of maturity.

The Grow Light Systems on this site are designed and built specifically to give vertically growing plants the light they need in an aesthetically pleasing way. No need to hide these grow lights from company! 

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Wall Mounted Grow Light
89.99 99.99

This is a one of a kind light system that you will only find on this site because this light is built by hand by Edible Walls specifically for mounting above vertical gardens.

  • 27" wide and 2.5" tall
  • Extends 12 inches from vertical surface at 10° angle
  • Provides 6 square feet of light surface area with a greater focus on the top vertical half
  • Please see diagrammed image for more information
Globe Pendant & Grow Light

This Globe Pendant, swag style lamp comes with a MiracleLED Grow Light bulb, packing 1900 MICROMOLES of light.

LED Spot Light

This versatile little light can be clamped directly to your vertical garden to create visual interest and/or shine light on the hard to light spots of your garden.

MiracleLED Daylight Spectrum Grow Light Bulb
33.99 39.99
  • Ultra efficient bulb uses only 8 watts of power
  • 5000K daylight spectrum spot light gives your plants the natural light they crave
  • Great for seed startup and indoor gardening
  • Max absorption with virtually no heat signature and absolutely no mercury
  • Lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulb

Based on nasal color spectrum technology, the 8-watt miracle led absolute daylight spectrum grow lite, 6-pack runs on 120Vac power fits any standard E26/E27 medium socket and a white light that emulates daylight with its 5000K color temperature. Miracle led lights produce the highest lumen output at the lowest wattage. All the energy savings of any green lighting alternative avoiding all the things you don't like in others. This light is designed specifically to emulate the light temperature of daylight to give your plants the natural light they crave, instant on, no heat and containing none of the heavy-metal mercury. One led light bulb can outlast 30 incandescent bulbs. Led lights operate at lower temperatures than halogen and incandescent lights carrying virtually no heat signature.

MiracleLED Red Spectrum Grow Light Bulb
39.99 49.99

Absolute Daylight MAX Flowering combines the red and blue spectrums of light into one powerful Grow Light. These spectrums occur naturally during different times of the day and are responsible for triggering and supporting the 'blooming' stage in plants.

  • 5000 K Daylight Spectrum LEDs + 650-700nm Red Spectrum LEDs
MiracleLED Red & Blue Spectrum Grow Light Bulb
27.50 36.00

5 Watt LED RED & BLUE Grow Light Bulb with Standard Socket - Supplies RED & BLUE spectrum lights for vegetative (rooting, leafing & stemming) as well as blooming (flowering and fruiting) stages.