Large Living Wall Installation Information

Plumbing For Large Interior Living Walls

  • For a living wall measuring over 18 square feet the plumbing and all other necessary equipment is located either outside or on the opposite side of the wall on which the garden will be installed.

  • Plumbing (one drain line and one cold water line) is installed through the wall to connect the equipment to the garden.

  • A timer and irrigation valve draw water out on a set schedule, send it to the fertilizer injector to be fertilized and then through cold water line and up to the top row of plants in your garden.

  • A collection basin or gutter is installed underneath the planters. The collection basin collects the water that drains from the bottom of the planters and directs it through the drain line out to either the equipment or the installed drain.

Below is a list of site requirements for large indoor living walls. This is general information and is not applicable to all situations. Requirements vary based on the unique conditions of every site.

Requirements for the Irrigation System:

  • 120 V/2 AMP power line with a grounding connection

  • Non-freezing indoor or outdoor space to accommodate the controls (average 4' x 3' area)

  • Floor drains with drain line access for interior equipment storage OR a french drain or suitable alternative for exterior equipment storage

  • Drain line through interior wall

  • Cold water line through interior wall with at least 65 PSI (or booster pump if not available)

  • Heat tracing line to prevent plumbing lines from freezing in cold weather climates

  • Irrigation Timer, Filter, Backflow Preventer, Fertilizer Injector, Pressure Tank for Fertilizer, PVC Fittings and Valves Customized to Size and Scope

Requirements for the Vertical Surface/Wall On Which The Garden Will Be Installed:

  • Must support 30 lbs/sq ft

  • Wall surface must be smooth

  • 3/4" plywood must be installed behind garden

  • Blocking must be installed in wall for additional support if necessary

  • Finishing/Drywall work required if a recessed garden is desired

  • Waterproofing

Requirements for Supplemental Lighting for Plants When Necessary:

  • A false/drop ceiling to conceal the track lighting system - OPTIONAL

  • Efficient circuits to provide 300 watts per 10 linear feet of lighted surface area

  • In wall timer/control for light system

  • Installation of recommended light systems and fixtures based on growing requirements of the plants

Interested in a Large Living Wall?

Edible Walls' Vertical Gardening Experts are here to assist - no matter where in the US you live. Our Research & Design Service will allow us to provide the following services remotely:

  • Working with you to establish your goals for the look of the garden, we will create a design for the placement of plants suitable for your unique site conditions.

  • We will pre-plant your plants in the established design pattern and ship them safely to you ready for installation

  • We will vet local experts in your area to arrange for highly skilled and licensed contractors and plumbers to complete the installation of the pre-planted gardens as well as the structural and plumbing requirements.