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Tropical Cylinder - Small

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IMG_22381 (1).jpg

Tropical Cylinder - Small

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Exciting New Vertical Gardening Product! Light weight, Slim profile, Simple & Quick Draining Vertical Planter

  • 18" Long, 3" Wide

  • Four Color Choices

  • Planted with a beautiful assortment of bromeliads & or other tropical plants

  • These plants will need Bright But Indirect Sunlight

* Please note: All pre-planted products, such as this, will be shipped within 1 to 4 weeks of order date.

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These Tropical Cylinders can hang vertically or lay horizontally. Bromeliads (particularly the Tillandsia and Cryptanthus) are easy to care for and they do not require direct light, allowing you several different options for placing your garden. The fluorescent lighting in office environments is enough to keep these plants happy.

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