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Patio Tomatoes - Woolly Living Wall Planter

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Patio Tomatoes - Woolly Living Wall Planter


Patio Tomatoes are an excellent choice for vertical gardens, bearing tasty 3 to 4 oz tomatoes on strong, compact plants that will top out around 2 feet tall. The stout stems generally do not need much staking at first, but it won't hurt to have a stake to keep them uprights when the plant is loaded with fruit.

This little plant is surprisingly productive! It can have over 20 tomatoes growing at one time!

Tomatoes run on warmth; plant in late spring and early summer except in Zone 10, where they are a fall and winter crop. Varieties resistant to diseases are always a good choice because, of all veggies, tomatoes tend to get the most diseases.

This Kit will come with a Planter (8" tall x 11.75" wide) in your choice of color, the best potting soil for your plants, AND the plants described above. 

This planter is made from a hard vented plastic shell that keeps its shape while allowing air circulation for the plants. It is also equipped with a self-watering tank to make watering even easier.

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The plants in this collection are in the Direct Sun light category. To learn more about what that means, click here to view the Successful Indoor Gardening page. 

More about the Planter...

Drip Irrigation

For large installations, we recommend using automatic drip irrigation. 1/4” emitter lines fit inside the watering tank, emitting water evenly down to roots and reservoir. Supply lines hide neatly in the irrigation supply channel located on the left and right sides of every wall planter.  

More about the Plants...

  • Water: Tomato plants need even watering to prevent blossom end rot. Water thoroughly but not too often (twice per week should suffice at first) and try to water early in the day so that plants will dry off before evening. This helps to reduce disease problems.
  • Temperature: In general, tomatoes will stop producing fruit when temperatures drop below 50°F or rise above 90°F. Tomatoes may be scalded by the sun in too-hot temperatures, when the fruit is not shaded from the direct sun. The fruit needs warmth--not light--to ripen, so you can cover the developing tomatoes with the leaves to shield them. In hot, dry weather, plants may drop their flowers or fruit, but when conditions improve, they generally recover fully.
  • Light: If grown outdoors, full sun is required. However, care should be taken to prevent the fruit from being scalded by too much direct afternoon sun. If grown indoors, tomatoes require 24watts per square foot for up to 12 hours per day.
  • Seasonality: Mid Season 
  • Fruit Weight: 4-5  ounces
  • Fruit Bearing: Determinate 
  • Days to Maturity: 65-68  days

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