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Strawberry (Chandler) - Wally One

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Strawberry (Chandler) - Wally One


Chandler strawberries are bred especially for California, the Carolinas, Texas, Oklahoma and the other southern states. These early midseason June-bearing strawberries are a good choice for fresh pickings of homegrown, bright red, flavorful fruit. Firm, large and beautifully shaped, these berries are especially appealing in fresh fruit trays.

  • Zone: 5-8 
  • Sun: Full Sun 
  • Height: 6-8  inches
  • Spread: 12-18  inches

Pre-Planted in a Wally One Pocket

This Garden in a Box Kit will come with a Planter (15" tall x 24" wide) in your choice of color, the best potting soil for your plants, AND the plants described above. 

The Planter is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles woven into a soft felt material, these pockets provide both proper air circulation and the correct balance of water retention and drainage that your plants need. 

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Indoor OR Outdoor Use:
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The plants in this collection are in the Direct Sun light category. To learn more about what that means, click here to view the Successful Indoor Gardening page. 

More about the Planter...

Reservoir Options:

INDOOR - With a Reservoir - includes a military grade, built-in moisture barrier that wraps around the bottom of the Pocket, from back to front. This barrier creates a reservoir to ensure walls and floors don't get wet. The barrier also conserves water and helps to keep soil's nutrition in your Pocket. Best choice for INDOOR gardens.

OUTDOOR - Without a Reservoir -good for outdoor applications in rainy environments, it has a recessed moisture barrier that allows proper drainage when it rains.


How to HANG and WATER this Wally


Universal fasteners and wall anchors are all included. Wally pockets have grommets, spaced 22" apart, at the top of the pocket. All you need to do is screw included fasteners through the grommets and into the vertical surface you are planting on. Detailed instructions can be found here.


You can water by hand, or install an Automatic Irrigation System to do the watering for you. Click here for more information.

More about the plants...

Any soil except that which is very sandy may be used for growing strawberries. The very best soil is that which is loose, fertile, and slightly acidic, with a pH between 5.0 and 7.0. Strawberries require a fair amount of nitrogen. Fish emulsion, blood meal,  and cottonseed meal should be given to the plant biweekly in the growing seasons and stopped for three or four months in the winter. This plant does best with a bit of humidity, so you should mist the leaves occasionally, especially in hot weather. Harvest every morning when the fruit is dry. Cut the stalk rather than tugging the fruit away and do not remove the plugs or cores before washing or storing. 


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