Pre-Planted Gardens In A Box

Leafy Greens Garden In A Box


Leafy Greens Garden In A Box


Pre-Planted Living Wall With A Gorgeous Combo Of Lettuce, Parsley, Nasturium, & Oregano 

Indoor OR Outdoor:
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Red OakLeaf Lettuce: One of the best cut-and-come-again lettuce varieties for instant plate appeal, Red Salad Bowl is a mildly flavored, succulent looseleaf adaptable to salads of all types and easy to grow. Certified Organic plants ensure that you are growing nothing but Mother Nature's finest leaves, elegantly cut like oak leaves and colored a brilliant reddish-purple with a crinkled texture for even more accent.

Green Towers Romaine Lettuce: The gardener's favorite, and no wonder -- you can't beat these mildly-flavored leaves for dense growth and good adaptability to anything Nature throws their way. Reaching 8 to 12 inches high and wide, these dark gray-green heads are crisp and flavorful, suitable for both spring and fall crops.

Italian Flat-Lear Parsley: Specially developed for use as fresh seasoning, the large, bright green leaves arise on 10- to 12-inch plants. Flat-leafed Parsley is far more nutritious than the curly type. Harvest it as needed, but fairly regularly so that the plants keep sprouting new stems. In mild climates, you can continue to cut it throughout winter. Grown inside, these plants will produce year-round harvesting potential.

Greek Oregano: With a stronger, more aromatic flavor and scent than regular oregano, it is one of the most important herbs of Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking. The flavor stands up to bold flavors like tomatoes, onion, garlic and beef. Greek oregano is a bushy perennial with bright deep purple-brown stems and 1 1/2 inch broadly ovate leaves that often have a red flush. Branched clusters of purple-pink flowers appear all summer. 

Nasturtium: This plants is an easy-to-grow annual with edible leaves and flowers. The bright greenery and vibrant flowers of this plant make it perfect as companion plants in edible living walls. Their pretty fragrance also makes them a good choice for cut flowers.  


Living Wall Lettuce

Large Living Wall Pockets - Perfect Home For Your Leafy Green Garden In A Box

This planter is perfect for growing both outdoors or indoors. The pockets are large enough to allow your veggies plenty of growing room. In just a short amount of time, the Oregano & Nasturium foliage can cover the surface of the pockets. 

For Indoor Gardening, the planter is lined with a marine grade moisture barrier to prevent water from getting on your floors or walls, while the felt front provides plenty of air circulation to keep the roots happy.


This Garden In A Box is 15 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and can hold .40 cubic feet of soil, making it the best vertical gardening planter for plants which require decent soil volume.  

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Your purchase includes the perfect growing medium (soil), chosen specifically for these plants and fertilized with organic compost & micro-nutrients.

* Some Assembly Required