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Arugula - FloraFelt 12-Pocket


Arugula - FloraFelt 12-Pocket


These healthy leafy greens are great for early spring and late fall as they thrive in cool weather. In fact,  you can leave it to reseed in your garden over winter and it will be one of the first greens of spring. Arugula's oak leaf-shaped leaves grow in a loose bunch and taste peppery. The flowers are also edible and they make an attractive garnish.

Pre-Planted in a FloraFelt 12-Pocket Planter! 

The 12 "pockets" on this planter are made from recycled P.E.T. water bottles woven into thick indestructible plastic felt, making this planter good for the environment and good for your plants, by providing a perfect moisture and air circulation balance.

SIZE: 32" wide x 24" high x 5-1/2" deep.
WEIGHT: 5-lbs (about 20-lbs planted).
INCLUDES: Root Wrappers, Irrigation Hose, Mounting Hooks, and Plants

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The plants in this collection are in the Direct Sun light category. To learn more about what that means, click here to view the Successful Indoor Gardening page. 

More about the Planter...

The 12 felt pockets on this planter stretch open to receive twelve 4 to 6 inch potted plants. Each pocket is 10" wide by 6" deep. Included Root Wrappers (felt wrappers used to wrap each individual plant) make it easy to change, arrange and handle plants. You can hand water each pocket or connect your garden to an automatic drip irrigation system. We have a Wall Mounted Automatic Irrigation System designed specifically for this vertical garden planter. Click here to jump to that page.

What About the Floors & Walls? Will they get wet?

No! The plastic backing board acts as a moisture barrier that prevents moisture from getting behind the pockets. The barrier also conserves water and helps to keep soil's nutrition where your plant needs it. You can either water your garden outside or put a catch basin of sort under your garden while you water inside.

Want A Larger Living Wall?

You can create a larger vertical garden by stacking these systems together. Stack one on top of another and you have a vertical garden 48" tall and 32" wide. Put two side by side and you have a 24" tall x 64" wide vertical garden.

More about the Plants...

  • Arugula needs to grow quickly for best quality. This can only be done by giving the plants everything they need.
  • Soil: The soil is called upon to produce a lot of foliage in a short time, so it should be fertile, moisture retentive and well drained. *
  • Water:  These fast-growing plants must have all of the water they need for rapid growth. It is important that the soil is kept moist at all times. *
  • Food:  The main requirement for Arugula is nitrogen, but they also need moderate amounts of potassium and phosphorus. *
  • Harvesting:  You can plant these greens closer together than the variety requirements and then thin them out as they grow (eat the thinnings). You can thin them to a final spacing of 6" apart. Trim uniform green leaves of at least 4 to 5".*
  • Did You Know?: Arugula is rich in Vitamins A and K, as well as folic acid. It is also good source of zinc, potassium, calcium and iron.*

* Source: (, 2014).


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