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Interior Landscaping Design and Maintenance Services

Our Plant Design and Maintenance Services provide and maintain excellent interior landscape services in and around Austin. 

We offer both Living Wall Systems as well as traditional container plants. Our plants are the highest quality available and our maintenance services will keep them that way.

     Living plants have been proven to provide much more than aesthetic beauty, they provide a substantial return on investment. Our products and services can increase productivity, reduce stress, foster an inviting and professional image, and improve indoor air quality. Our horticulture experts are excited to show you the many benefits we can bring to your professional setting.

Vertical Edible Herb Garden

     Edible Walls was borne out of the desire to allow everyone to enjoy the many benefits of living plants.

     Whether that means an Edible Herb Garden on your kitchen walls or a tropical garden in your lobby, Edible Walls' creative ideas and problem solving growing solutions can provide you with beautiful, beneficial, and care-free interior landscaping.

     Our Interior Landscaping Services are available in Corporate and Business Environments, in Hospitals and Doctor's Offices, in School, College and University settings, and in Assisted Living Facilities.  Our custom Design Services reflect the unique image and desired effect of each individual client. Our experts make designing your interior landscape an easy and enjoyable experience. We stay on the cutting edge of innovation to offer the products and services that will bring you exciting, original designs.

     Installing and maintaining top-quality plants is our specialty. After installing your plants, our weekly maintenance services include watering, fertilizing, dusting and cleaning plants, rotating plants for equal light exposure, repotting when necessary, pruning, and pest/disease prevention. We schedule our installation and maintenance services so as not to interrupt or cause obtrusion.  

Consultation Design Files

We are happy to offer an Initial Consultation Service free of charge.

Proper Interior Landscaping requires extensive knowledge of plants and their unique growing requirements. Great attention is paid to the light, temperature, and traffic-flow conditions of your interior environment to ensure that you are presented with choices for the best suited plants. Our experience allows us to give you all the information you need to make an education decision about your landscaping. During our Initial Consultation Service we will do a 'walk-through' of the space and explain your options given your unique environmental conditions.

Every project is different as every project reflects the image of our clients. With our knowledge of horticulture and your knowledge of your corporate environment, we are sure to provide a truly unique and rewarding interior landscape.